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Site Reviews

Cheap Scrubs

This is a paid review for CheapScrubset.com Cheap Scrub Set is a online site to buy your scrubs. What are scrubs you ask? You know that TV show “Scrubs”? Remember how the show is based in a hospital? Well, the uniforms that they’re wearing are called Scrubs. I’m not exactly sure why they call them […]

Solar Decathlon

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Solar Car Challenge? You know the challenge where University Students make a Solar Car and have to Travel from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time? Normally the cars are these crazy solar panel covered winged machine that you couldn’t actually drive anywhere but […]

Quality Bar Stools – Site Review

This is a paid review for http://www.qualitybarstools.com I took this review because I’m looking to possibly buy some bar stools in the next little while and Bar Stools are a great way to make a social kitchen environment. And the kitchen is a large part of this website. Quality Bar Stools is a website that […]

Cheap Inkjet Cartridges

This is a paid review for Atlantic Inkjet Atlantic Inkjet is an online site that specializes in inexpensive inkjet cartridges. These ink cartridges range from all types of brands including HP, Lexmark, Cannon and Epson to name a few. The Atlantic Inkjet site is laid out sorta strange. At the top left you can choose […]

Get rid of those Spice Girls Cd’s with SwapShop

This is a paid review for SWAPSHOP.co.uk Tired of having those Spice Girls or Kylie Minogue in your CD collection? Then think about swaping them with someone else using SWAPSHOP.co.uk. So what is this SWAPSHOP all about? From their website A uk based swapping and exchange site that allows people to swap items for free […]

Webby Planet Review

This is a paid review for Webby Planet. Ironically the last review I did was also for Webby Planet Footlocker. You can read that review here. At the end of the review I asked Who is Webby Planet? Well, this review is actually for webby planet and goes into a bit more detail! So who […]

Webby Planet – Footlocker

This is a paid review for Webbyplanet footlocker. Webbyplanet footlocker is an online website that links to footlocker website through the Webby Planet website (confusing I know). If you don’t know what Footlocker is then you haven’t been to a mall in the US or Canada it’s a place where you can find all times […]

New airmiles website – for real

So, I mentioned in a post about 2 weeks ago or so that there was a new airmiles website.   Shortly after writing it Airmiles took the website down (must have been a test version or something). Well, the new website is back and it looks like it’s here to stay.    Login and see the […]

Credit card comparison site

This is a paid review for Discover Credit Cards. Discover Credit Cards is a site that compares all types of different credit cards. You can select to compare the following different credit cards Airline Credit Cards Balance Transfer Cards Business Credit Cards Cash Back Credit Cards Credit Cards for Bad Credit Instant Approval Cards Low […]

HerFab Lifestyle

This is a paid review for HerFabLife. Herfablife is a brand new social community for young urban hip females.   The site itself is currently in the beta stage so there may be some small quirks to work out.  One of which is when you select a city under the restaurants section you can’t actually […]