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Breaking Down the Air Miles Cash Rewards Option

If you haven’t heard Air Miles has released two HUGE news announcements in 2012. The first was that air miles will now expire after 5 years and the second is that AirMiles is introducing an Airmiles Cash Reward option. Obviously, having your air miles expire is horrible but there is little that we can do […]

How To Sign Up For An Air Miles Account or Card

Most people who visit my site Best Air Miles Deals already have an Air Miles card. However, I thought it’s worth posting on to actually sign up for an airmiles card. 1) Visit any air miles retailer and sign-up with their paper form. 2) Create an airmiles account online! Visit the Air Miles website here […]

How Many Air Miles Do I Have?

This is a very common question that I get. The answer is that we here at Best Air Miles Deals can’t tell you how many you have. You need to contact airmiles directly. Here’s how to go about finding how many air miles you have. 1) Call 1-888-AIRMILES (1-888-247-6453) 2) Login to Airmiles.ca. You will […]

How to Create an Air Miles Online Account to Check Your Balance

If you don’t have an Air Miles account follow the steps below and you can sign-up for your online access! Why would you want access to airmiles.ca? To check your balance, view air miles reward merchandise, order a new or replacement card, print off coupons to get bonus miles, etc… Plus as an added bonus […]

Air Miles Cash Rewards

The other new thing that is happening at Air Miles now is the introduction of Air Miles Cash Rewards. Air Miles Cash rewards gives you the option to collect air miles as before but if they go into your “Air Miles Cash” account you’ll have the option to redeem them for cash right at the […]

Air Miles Reward Miles Now Expire!!!! Use them or lose them….

If you haven’t heard Air Miles has released some news which isn’t the greatest news for us Air Miles collectors. Air Miles will now EXPIRE! They will expire after 5 years. Honestly, this was just a matter of time as almost every loyalty program has some sort of expiration date and Air Miles has simply […]

Get 2X the Air Miles reward miles on Appliances!

This is a great Airmiles promotion if you are buying appliances. I know that most people aren’t buying appliances so be sure to tell your friends about this special if you know they are buying an appliance! The breakdown for airmiles on appliances is shown below. I would ‘assume’ that all these values are 2X […]

Get 250 airmiles Free – Refer a Friend

Here is a great way to collect airmiles fast! Simply visit emaildirectreferafriend.ca. Simply enter your email address and email address of 10 of your friends. You will get 25 airmiles per friend that signs up. Simple as that! Your friend will get an email that will tell the following… Dear Air Miles Collector, You have […]

Trading HBC to Airmiles but what about the Reverse?

Here’s an interesting question that I received from Conrad last week. HI I know I can switch my HBC points into Air Miles reward miles . But can I also do the reverse ie trade my Airmiles into HBC point. Tks The answer to the question is unfortunately NO. Air Miles Reward Miles like to […]

I forgot my Airmiles Card can I still get the air miles points?

I often get asked the following question which I think is rather important. “I forgot my Airmiles card at XXX store (Safeway, Rona, Boston Pizza, etc…) can I still get the airmiles points?” The answer is yes! Simply go to customer service with your receipt and Air Miles card. They will write down the amount, […]