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Airmiles for Everyone

Here is a great promotion by airmiles where you can collect lots of airmiles, get 15 free airmiles and have a chance at winning 15,000 Airmiles! Air miles Reward Miles are celebrating their 15th anniversary and to celebrate are giving away FREE airmile (this is the first time they’ve ever given free airmiles away). To […]

Book with your Airmiles Early

This is just a reminder post to make sure you book early for your airmiles flights, car rentals, etc. Remember if you want more information you can find out about airmiles for flights and part II here. Last night I called to book a car rental for Christmas time. I called and the automated machine […]

Are you a Gold Airmiles Collector?

That’s the question of the day. Are you a Gold Airmiles Collector? Do you know how to find out if you are one? What are the benefits of being a gold air miles collector? A Gold Airmiles Collector is a person who is able to Collect airmiles at 5 different store locations. This is a […]

Last Chance at $5,000 Shopping Spree

Today is your last chance at the $5,000 shopping spree with Simply register to enter then answer the 7 questions. More Information on Entering Here Answer to all the questions HERE So there you have it. And if you win… Maybe donate some of the shopping spree to me. 😉

Airmiles Calculation

This post was suppose to occur while I was in Toronto… and for some reason the whole system messed up and made two posts into one post. So I’m re-posting the two posts seperately. Sorry for the confusion (Random Post #4 has been updated) ——- I received an email a while ago discussing how the […]

Airmiles Site Tour

In the ongoing re-design of the airmiles website they’ve released a Site Tour.    The site tour is a fully automated video that is actually quite well done.  A guy stands and talks and points out stuff from the screen shots of the new website. You can check out the site tour here. I’ll be back […]

Airmiles Shopping Spree Questions / Answers

Here is a big list of all the answers from the shopping spree questions.   I’ve basically summarized the store in question.  So you just have to click the question and the answer will be there.   Simple. Question #1 – Lands End Question #2 – Dell Question #3 – Amazon Question #4 – O’Connor Florist […]

Airmiles to Charities

Did you know that you can actually donate your airmiles to a charity? Well, it’s true. For the low cost of 170 airmiles you’ll donate $20 to Charity. Currently there are two charities to choose from Special Olympics of Canada Kids Help Phone A Tax Receipt for your donation will be mailed to you in […]

Way to Play Sponsors

The following are the sponsors of the Waytoplay promotion that Airmiles and kids soccer are putting on. If you’re looking to purchase something from these sponsors then stop by the waytoplay website first. OR simply click on the sponsor below. This should direct you to the waytoplay website and give you a brief description of […]

New airmiles website – for real

So, I mentioned in a post about 2 weeks ago or so that there was a new airmiles website.   Shortly after writing it Airmiles took the website down (must have been a test version or something). Well, the new website is back and it looks like it’s here to stay.    Login and see the […]