Airmiles Credit Cards

Happy Halloween – Scary Good Airmiles Specials!

Just a quick message to say Happy Halloween and tell everyone about some easy airmiles specials Westjet is currently having a seat sale until November 4th.  Good for flights until February 28th.  Book your Westjet flight now Get your voice heard and get airmiles! Shoppers Voice is a program that you tell them your opinion […]

Airmiles For Everyone Promotion

Here’s an easy way to get Airmiles. Go to the Airmiles for everyone website. Enter your airmiles number and you’ll automatically get 5 airmiles. Then you’ll get a bunch of coupons at various vendors. You can then print these coupons. Once you’ve bought three things with the coupons you’ll get 50 bonus airmiles plus whatever […]

Which is the best Free Credit Card?

The other question that I often get is which is the best free airmiles credit card? So, I thought I’d go through the free credit card options and tell which I think is the best card. Mosaik Bronze Mastercard – FREE Collect at 1 airmile for every $40 spent $0 Annual Fee Double reward miles […]

Get Your American Express Airmiles Credit Card Now!

As most of you know the Gold Mosaik Mastercard Credit Card is almost gone. This was that great credit card which was linked to Westjet. Anyway, the credit card’s not really gone, however, the terms and conditions have changed. With these new changes it’s definitely not worth paying the yearly fee. What are some of […]

Airmiles Credit Card Changes – Now which card?

Well, since the Mosaic Airmiles Mastercard credit card has been modified there has been a lot of discussion about the change. So far, very little of the discussion has been good, so this begs the question. What are the other Credit Card options? There are 4 other options and I’ve summarized them below Bronze Mosaic […]

Analyze Changes to the BMO Gold Mosaik Mastercard

Yesterday I let everyone know that the BMO Gold Mosaik Mastercard’s terms are being changed. In the article that had the news release about the new card the title of the article was “BMO Revamps its Mosaik Gold AIR MILES MasterCard to Offer Unparalleled Redemption Value for Travellers”. Then right under that as a sub-headline […]

Change to BMO Gold Mosaik Mastercard

Here is a VERY important change to the BMO Gold Mosaik Mastercard. The changes affect how you’ll be collecting free flights with the card. Previously you were able to book a flight with Westjet for a maximum of 1600 airmiles to travel anywhere that WestJetflies. The credit card has now changed. From the press released. […]

Airmiles Credit Card Question

I recently received an email from a reader. He pointed out that I was suppose to do a follow up to the AMEX Platinum Airmiles Card article and that it’s been over a month since I said I’d do a follow up. Anyway, he’s looking for assistance on which airmiles card to apply for, here’s […]

NEW – American Express Airmiles Credit Card

Here is a new airmiles credit card from American Express. American express has long had a free airmiles credit card where you get 100 Bonus AIR MILES* reward miles for signing-up and you collect at 1 airmile for every $15 spent. This is the first annual fee credit card from American Express for Air Miles. […]

Shell Airmiles Credit Card

Did you know that you can now get a SHELL gas air miles credit card? It’s true. The actual name is the Shell Air Miles MasterCard. You can see the information provided by Shell here or read on. The Shell Air Miles MasterCard allows you to collect airmiles at the rate of 1 airmile for […]