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Air Miles Reward Miles Through Pharmacies – Sign the petition | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Air Miles Reward Miles Through Pharmacies – Sign the petition

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Recently it was announced that that College of Pharmacists of British Columbia will be considering a by-law change that would stop allowing people to collect loyalty points (Air Miles) on prescriptions.

As it is right now when you fill out a prescription you're allowed to collect points on anything that isn't covered by the government. The change would stop people from being able to collect Air Miles, Save On More Points, Shoppers Optimum, etc. This is really unfortunate for us points collectors and to help our cause a website has been created to help share a voice. http://iearneditpetition.ca/

Sign the petition today before it's too late.


We earned them. The pharmaceutical companies make too much already!

BC College of Pharmacists does it to us withe the 100% ban on rewards eff. Dec. 2nd/13.

Essentially they have violated to Canadian values/rights:

Freedom to choose where to buy prescriptions.

Preventing business from competing and retaining customers.

The “non reward” pharmacies hope to gain back customers so essentially this is about money.

Loss of the rewards, is about money too. Customers lose their rebate or cash equivalent of points.

The drug stores that offered points, also want lots of customers which is also about “money/profit”.

London Drugs was a big backer of his action so they should not be rewarded for doing this, if you get my drift.

Sobey’s has launched a court action in BC Supreme Court.

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