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Weeks Best Air Miles Deals – Safeway Stores – Till June 14, 2012

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Sorry for my absense the past three months... When things get too busy I have to let a few things go and unfortunately it was these reports and other air miles posts. Have no fear, I'm back now and hope to keep things under control. Anyway, without further ado, here are the weeks best air miles deals at Safeway Stores! Not really the best deals this week which is a bit of a bummer upon my return.

Grimm's Tortillas ($4.29) - Buy 2 get 15 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $

Lay's or Ruffles Potato Chips ($2.50) - Buy 4 get 20 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $

Kashi Cereal's ($5.00) - Buy 5 get 75 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $

Cashmere Dinner Napkins ($4.99) - Buy 3 get 80 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $

If you are only looking for good food specials this Friday (June 8, 2012) has some good specials on Sugar & toothpaste. Check back later in the week as I go through some other good airmiles stuff that is going on!


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