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How Many Air Miles Do I Have? | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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How Many Air Miles Do I Have?

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This is a very common question that I get. The answer is that we here at Best Air Miles Deals can't tell you how many you have. You need to contact airmiles directly. Here's how to go about finding how many air miles you have.

1) Call 1-888-AIRMILES (1-888-247-6453)

2) Login to Airmiles.ca. You will need your Air Miles Collector Number. Enter that in the box on the top of the airmiles screen. You MAY have to enter your PIN number, although this is not always necessary. If you've never used the online system or need a step-by-step guide on signing up then see our Airmiles.ca Account Creation Guide.

Your Air Miles Balance should now be seen right where the login box was just located.

You may end up having a page that looks like the one below, where you will DEFINITELY need your Air Miles number and PIN. Once logged in your balance will be on the top of the page.

Voila! Now you know how many air miles you have! View our Airmiles.ca Account Creation Guide here.


To who it may concern. One hour wait on the tel. is very poor service all we want to know is how many miles we have.

mrs nelly van vliet

Hi Nelly, Thanks for visiting Bestairmiledeals.com. This is my personal blog and NOT the air miles website. You are quite correct that being on hold for an hour is poor customer service. The best thing to do is login online where you can get the information right away. I actually JUST wrote a post about this topic so that people can avoid being on hold! Check it out here —> How many Air Miles do I have?

How many air miles do I need to travel from edmonton alberta to toronto ontario return

Hi Carol,

THanks for visiting bestairmiledeals.com. The number of miles will be between 2500 and 3300 depending on the traveling season. The best thing to do is look on the air miles website as you can put in the exact dates.


Hope that helps.

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