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Air Miles Reward Miles Now Expire!!!! Use them or lose them….

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If you haven't heard Air Miles has released some news which isn't the greatest news for us Air Miles collectors. Air Miles will now EXPIRE! They will expire after 5 years. Honestly, this was just a matter of time as almost every loyalty program has some sort of expiration date and Air Miles has simply followed suit.

Starting December 31st, 2011 your air miles will expire after 5 years. So all the miles in your account as of TODAY will expire on December 31st, 2016. Then each mile you collect from here on will expire after 5 years.

Here is the breakdown of how the air miles will expire.

Reward Miles posted by - Will Expire if not redeemed by
Prior to Dec 31, 2011 - Dec 31, 2016
Between Jan - March 2012 calendar year - March 31, 2017
Between April - June 2012 calendar year - June 30, 2017
Between July - Sept 2012 calendar year - Sept 30, 2017
Between Oct - Dec 2012 calendar year - Dec 31, 2017
Between Jan - March 2013 calendar year - March 31, 2018

Luckily, Air Miles has announced that in 2014 information will be available to Collectors to help manage their reward miles which may be expiring. This is good news as we'll have a way to track which miles will expire and need to be used! This also means that it'll be super important to have your airmiles.ca account information handy as you might have to login and check your account every 3 months!


Personally, I am very disappointed that Air Miles has chosen to change the rules. If this was my main point program, I would be outraged and would be writing to them to tell them what I thought.

If they get away with this without any feedback, all of the other Canadian plans are also at risk.

My financial advisor tells me that cash back plans are the best option, especially those who do not plan to fly within the next 2 or 3 years.

A major program change like this really hurts those who are in lower income brackets and may take 10 years or more to save up the points for a family flight to the West Edmonton Mall which would cost 4000 points in high season.

Thank you for providing this information. I have heard nothing from AIR MILES, despite being on electronic and hard mail information loops.

I agree with the previous comment – this is a huge disappointment – AIR MILES is my primary reward system and I have been caught before with unnoticed points expiry (GM Visa, Sears). According to an actuary friend of mine who researches rewards to the nth degree, Petro-Points with Sunoco/Petrocanada have the best payback for the consumer. I hate having to monitor expiry dates of points.

Yes, the news is terrible but .

The best thing to do is tell Air Miles directly how you feel about the situation.

1) Their contact form – https://www.airmiles.ca/collector/ContactUs
2) Their facebook website – http://www.facebook.com/AirMilesCanada

Will it be possible to redeem airmiles as cash?

Hi Donna,

Yes, that’s the new thing that Air Miles is introducing. Although, I don’t really recommend it. Check out our article here to see all the details. http://www.bestairmiledeals.com/2012/01/05/air-miles-cash-rewards/

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