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How the Safeway Group Buy Works

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As mentioned in the last post about the Safeway E-auction the system is a bit complex. I hope to clarify things a bit with this post.

What is a Group Buy? - Safeway will post an item every day for the next 28 days. The item is available for 1 day only for 24 hours from 9am MST.

With each group buy there is only a limited quantity available. Once all the items are sold there are no more. With the caveat that ALL the items MUST be sold for the group-buy to take place.

So for example: Today's item is NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Piccolo for 300 Air Miles and there are 150 available. If 149 people buy them then NOBODY gets them. But if 150 it and you want one too than you miss out!

To purchase a group-buy item you need to have a Safeway Access code which is received when you shop at Safeway. You can get bonus access codes when buying participating products (see the flyer for that weeks details).

A new group-buy item is posted everyday at http://www.safewayeauction.ca. I will do my best to post the group-buy everyday here at Best Air Miles Deals.


The prices for the auction are sky high!

The value of an airmile seems to be about 11.4 cents.
I base it on the following calculations:
A Shell $20 gift card requires 175 AM = 11.4 c/AM
A Boston Pizza $50 gift card requires 440 AM = 11.4 c/AM
A Rexall $25 gift card requires 220 AM = 11.4 c/AM

So I see today a $500 Safeway Gift card was bid 10,020 air miles. This represents 10020 x 11.4 = $1,142 value in air miles. Why would anyone bid $1,142 for a $500 gift card?

A $100 Safeway gift card was bid 2421, a value of $276 in air miles. Am I missing something here? JVC headphones were bid 2010 AM worth $229. WOW. A Sharp clock radio was bid 1010 AM or $115 in AM. Unbelievable!

The auction will have to cool off some before I enter.

This is a great analysis of how the system works. I actually have a post setup (will be live in 2 days) about not overbidding on the auctions. I was just assuming that people would overbid but the amount that they going over is ridiculous!

I think the group-buy, if you can find the right item and enough people buy it, is the way to go. And that’s what I’m personally waiting for as the auctions are not even plausible right now.

The web site for group buy says they post the new day’s group buy at 9:00 a.m. MST (Mountain Standard Time) but today’s was actually posted an hour early at 9:00 a.m. Mountain DAYLIGHT Time. If you were waiting for MST, you were out of luck. I don’t know if this happens every day or someone can’t tell time.

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