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How the Safeway E-Auction Promotion Works

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Safeway and Air Miles has teamed up for another promotion which is good news for many of us Air miles collectors. The only problem with this promotion is that it's a bit complicated. I've spent a little while figuring out exactly how the system works so I hope to clarify this with everyone!

1) Safeway will provide a list of auction items on their site. You can see the full list here. Items range from a 70" LCD TV to a Trip to Las Vegas to a Washer and Dryer.

2) You bid on the items and "pay" with your Air Miles Reward Miles that you've collected (hopefully at a very low rate using the weeks best airmiles deals)

2a) To bid on an item you need to have an access code. To get an access code you need to have purchased something at a Safeway store. You can get bonus access codes by purchasing select items (see flyer for details for that week).

2b) Once you bid on an item you can continue to bid. However, if you want to bid another item you will need another (unused) access code.

3) If you win the auction your Air Miles account is automatically debited.

You can register through the "register" button on the top left of the page. You will have to create an account with your Air Miles number so be sure to have that handy! Good luck on your bidding!


A great ‘contest’ for safeway and airmiles but NOT fir the consumer ’cause like a lot of “auctions” most people loose it !!!! An ipod touch presently running at $2200+ cdn 70″ big scrn similar price point !!

When it comes to cashing in air miles we’ve come to realize after one item purchase that best to cash in for $20 cash ‘cards’ and set aside the money ‘saved’ to purchase a wanted item at a regular reseller on sale (even ifnot cheaper than thru airm miles sys !!”)

doug c

I have tried for an hour now, different ways, & it will not accept my regrestration.
What is wrong with your site?
Why is it so cpmplicated?

It is VERY important to realize there are NOT a lot of good options for airmiles collectors. ALWAYS got to http://www.airmles.ca rewards first – people are aucitoning off 7000 points for an ipod that they could order today for 3150. I can see why safeway is THRILLED with this promotion but a lot of airmiles collectors are wasting their hard earned miles.

I like safeway ingredients for life.

I like safeway ingredient for life.

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