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Airmiles Tip: Always Check Your Safeway Receipt!

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Here's a simple Air Miles lesson that seems simple but not everyone does it. Check your receipt for the correct number of airmiles!

Last week I went to Safeway and purchased a few items from the weeks best air miles deal. I bought the 3 boxes of General Mills cereal for $10, which should get me 50 Air Miles.

However, when checking the receipt I noticed that I wasn't credit for these air miles. So I went to customer service right-away and asked what happened. Turns out Safeway had the exact same special, minus the airmiles bonus, on Kellogg's cereal. I had purchased 2 General Mills and 1 Kellogg's.

Customer service was very helpful and I returned the 3 boxes and purchased the correct number of General Mills cereal. Thus getting my 50 Bonus Air Miles!!!


Good point! Also good to point out that the 100 miles for $100 needs to be before tax, even if cashier says otherwise. I missed 2 opps for the 100 miles because it was after tax (I split my purchases up in $100 increments- cashiers don’t mind subtotaling and doing separate transactions). A GREAT tip for extra miles! Anyways, called Safeway and they are looking in to it and I’m confident I’ll get my miles.

Unrelated to this post, but I assume the admin of this site is a really thrifty AirMiles shopper, trying to help out the rest of us folk. I have a question. How many AirMiles have you accumulated?! You should organize a race on here 🙂

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