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Weeks Best Air Miles Deals – Safeway Stores – Until March 3rd, 2011

BE SURE TO CHECK THE DATE OF THE COUPON/POST - Old posts are NOT removed as they must remain in-order for you to find this site and the most recent deals.

Here are the weeks best air miles deals. Also, this is just a friendly remember to file your taxes before the RRSP tax deadline which is March 1st. You can file online with Turbo Tax here (used to be QuickTax).

March 1st just happens to ALSO be customer appreciation day at Safeway stores where you'll get 10% off or 10X the air miles.

Eating Right Shepherd's Pie ($5.99) - Buy 2 get 20 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0.

Royale Bath Tissue ($6.99) - Buy 2 get 40 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0.

Kraft Singles Cheese Slices ($4.49) - Buy 5 get 75 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0. - Note: this can be mix-and-matched with select other Kraft products (miracle whip, peanut butter, Kraft Dinner, Christie Cookies, etc...)

Pepsi Fridge Xpress ($4.00) - Buy 6 get 100 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0.

Artisan Swiss Farmer Grain Bread ($2.99) - Buy 2 get 15 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0.


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