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Airmiles Flight Search and Booking Tool

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BIG NEWS today from the Airmiles.ca website. They have JUST launched the Airmiles Flight Calculator / Search and booking tool. Check it out here.

This tool is great because you can determine the EXACT number of airmiles to fly from your destinations. No more wondering how much it costs to fly from Edmonton to Montreal or elsewhere! AND even better is you can BOOK your flights online too!

The tool is easy to use too. You simply enter your locations and dates and the tool will tell you how many airmiles it is to fly. You can then proceed to book your tickets ONLINE. This is a HUGE step for airmiles as you no longer have to wait 1.5 hours on the phone to book a flight or find out that you can't book a flight. Then if you want to book it you can do that online too!

Great work Airmiles! This is just another reason to follow the weeks best airmiles deals and to own an airmiles credit card to collect your Air Miles faster and fly sooner!


They are still charging an unnecessarily large service fee. It shows up as $15 but when I compared all the additional costs to a Westjet flight booked on Westjet.com, Airmiles has buried a $40 fee in the Security/Fuel charges for a total of $55…$5 more than before the convenience of booking online.

Flying with Airmiles is STILL not worth it!

DJO, you have a good point there. I’ve never actually noticed this large service charge. I will look into it further to see what I can find out about it and report back.


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