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Weeks Best Airmiles Deals – Till July 31st

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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. Here are the weeks best air miles deals at Safeway stores. Only "ok" deals this week but I'll still be collecting 95 airmiles. I'll be taking advantage of the Kellogg's Cereal, Tortilla shells and hot dog buns!

Safeway Hot Dog Buns ($2.00) - Buy 2 get 15 airmiles, dollar to airmiles ratio $0.27.

Gourmet Meat Shoppe Mini Cheese Burgers ($4.99) - Buy 2 get 30 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0.33.

Grimm's Tortillas ($3.99) - Buy 2 get 20 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0.40.

Kellogg's Cereal ($3.00) - Buy 5 get 60 airmiles, dollar-to-airmiles ratio $0.25.

Cottonelle Bath Tissue ($5.99) - Buy 2 get 40 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.30.

That's all for this week. Don't forget to check your email for more Safeway 50% off coupons so you can save some money while shopping.


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