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Weeks Best Air Miles Deals – Till March 5th, 2010

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Here are the weeks best air miles deals. Remember, this TUESDAY is customer appreciation day where you can get 10% off or 10 times the airmiles when you spend over $35. This is really when you want to get your shopping done and use the deals below to rack up those miles and start traveling sooner!

BlueWater Seasoned Fillets ($5.49) - Buy 3 get 25 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.66.

Waterfront Bistro Crusted Salmon ($5.49) - Buy 2 get 25 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.37.

Astro Yogourt ($2.50) - Buy 5 get 40 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.31.

Green Giant Simply Steam Vegetables ($1.67) - Buy 6 get 20 airmiles, airmiles-to-dolllar ratio $0.50.

Ritz Crackers ($3.00) - Buy 5 get 40 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.38.

That's all for this weeks best deals. Keep on reading for more tips, tricks and great airmiles deals!


I discovered your blog last week and have found it very useful. I am very surprised at the great deals you can get out west. Our deals, I’m in NL, in the supermarket (Sobey’s) and the pharmacy (Lawton’s) are much more conservative.

Aspen Safeway in Calgary
Spend $100 get 150 airmiles, spend $200 get 300 airmiles, with a coupon available at the store. With other great airmiles deals this week i pocketed 548 airmiles.

548 air miles in a week!!!!!! I think I’m doing great when I collect 100. Wish there was a Safeway here. :O(

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