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Important Tax Filing Weekend

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Just a quick reminder that this weekend you might want to consider filing your taxes. That's because the RRSP tax filing deadline is March 1st. If you file before March 1st you can top up your RRSP to maximize your refund (or minimize your payment). Which is even easier when using Quicktax to file your taxes as they have the built in RRSP optimizer feature.

Check out QuickTax. You can do your taxes for free and you only pay when you file your taxes. In fact, some people can file 100% free using QuickTax! Plus, if you join with friends or family you can file up to 8 returns with one version of QuickTax! Maximize your refund Get Your QuickTax Now.

File Your Taxes for Free - Use QuickTax


I’m no tax specialist but I don’t believe you need to file your taxes until April 30th. Contribution deadlines for RRSP 2009 is March 1st.

If you contribute to your RRSP by March 1st and then file your taxes by April 30th, the RRSP deduction will show up on your 2009 return.

Hey Cyrus,

I think you’re right on that… but you can’t figure out your ‘optimum’ RRSP contribution without pre-filing… Although, truth be told I don’t think that many people really contribute their ‘optimal’ amount…. so maybe it’s not entirely necessary.

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