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Redeem Airmiles By December 15th for Xmas

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If you're like many people around Canada and have been saving your points to buy some christmas presents this year. You must redeem your airmiles by December 15th to ensure that you'll have the item for Christmas time. That being said you'll want to get on it much sooner as some items might run out!

To redeem your airmiles you can visit the airmiles site at airmiles.ca or call them at 1-888-AIRMILE.

Remember, that you can also use your airmiles for gift cards which are a great present because then they can buy whatever they want. And in lots of cases you can get a better deal when you buy a gift card vs. buying the item using your airmiles.


I thought that the gold card now gives you 25% off of regular airmiles on flights?

Hi Joanna, do you mean the BMO gold mastercard? in that case, yes, you do get 25% off your regular airmiles flights.

hope that helps.

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