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Airmiles Redemption Deals – Till Oct18th, 2009

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This week I'm trying something a little new. I'm going to post the deals of things that you can buy WITH your airmiles points. Rather than just buying to collect. Not sure people will find this useful but it's worth a try.

SHOGO 8" Digital Picture Frame with Touch Screen and On-line Image Updating - Normally 2700 airmiles, now 1700 Airmiles. Find it @ Sears.ca for $130.

Elmo Live - Normally 900 airmiles, now 625 Air Miles. Or Find it @ Sears.ca for $60.

Sharper Image Quiet PlaceTM Noise Cancellation Headphones - Normally 2000 airmiles, now 1000 Airmiles. Find it @ Sears.ca for $80.

SONYTM HDD Camcorder - Normally 4275 airmiles, now 3200 Airmiles. Find it @ Sears.ca for $430.

Hopefully that can help someone out there buying something with their Airmiles points.


I’d like to see both what you can buy and what you can collect. Although, I always seem to miss the dates..is there a specific day you post on? IE Monday for the deals of the week? Just wondering it’s Oct 22 and i only see last weeks deals..I find it beneficial though, when I catch it in time! thank you for your efforts.

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