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CBC Report on Grocery Stores

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I saw this interesting report on CBC which spoke of different prices at different grocery stores. The report mentioned they did a shopping comparison and posted it on the website. CBC Calgary compared nine basic grocery items at four supermarkets in the city.

You can read the whole report here

The results are kinda neat to investigate. Here is the numbers break-down.

As you can see the Superstore is the cheapest grocery store and Sobeys is next while Safeway is the most expensive (remember this is for Calgary only).   I guess the thing to take away from all of this is that when shopping be sure that you know what you're buying and at what price.  Also remember that when collecting airmiles you should know that you may be paying a bit extra for some of your other groceries.  How you use this knowledge is up to you!


Very interesting. No surprise to me that superstore was cheaper. But I thought Sobeys would be more than Safeway.
Either way Sobeys and Safeway are very expensive.
I only shop there for small items of if they have a good sale.
Even though I don’t like Superstore (bag your own and pay for the bags??)I’ll go there just for the $ savings…

I stopped shopping at Safeway because I was tired of being overcharged.

We got an airmiles Mastercard and began shopping at the Superstore and we are very happy.

Then I discovered something amazing…. walmart superstore in Okotoks (I live in Somerset)

I live in Ontario, and have found that many grocery chains have different wildly different prices at different stores which are not very far apart.

One A&P charges over a dollar more for milk than one 5 minutes North of it, which is a nicer newer store! (all other prices are the same or higher also). I’ve been told there are different tiers of stores based on ‘demographics’.

Yes, Safeway is more expensive than Superstore (don’t have the other stores mentioned in our area), but I don’t care. I can’t stand Superstore, everything about it disgusts me. Their “customer appreciation” is non-existent. If you ever need help, you can never find anyone to help you. I absolutely refuse to shop there for anything.

Safeway, on the other hand, has the absolute best customer service of any grocery store that I have shopped at. I can be in & out of the store within 1/2 hr. ALL of the staff is ALWAYS polite & helpful. My time is more valuable to me than saving a few dollars at Superstore.

Last yr I cashed in the Airmiles that I accumulated. It paid for $1700 of our vacation to Disneyland. The Airmiles covered: 4 adult, 5-day park hopper passes & 6 $150 Best Western cash cards. That will always keep me shopping at Safeway!

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