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Collect Airmiles With Bank of Montreal (BMO)

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Did you know that BMO Bank of Montreal is the only bank that offers airmiles reward miles?   You can actually collect airmiles in three different ways (although, I only really recommend 2).

There are 3 simple ways to collect AIR MILES reward miles with BMO.

1) Get a BMO debit card and collect more reward miles.  Read more about a BMO debit card here.

2) Get more banking products and collect more reward miles.  I will be doing a review of some of the BMO airmiles products in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those updates.

3) Get a BMO Mosaik MasterCard with air miles and collect more reward miles.  Although, if you're going to select a credit card to collect airmiles I highly recommend either of the american express credit cards


Not every place takes AMEX so it’s a good idea to have a Mastercard that collect airmiles too.

I have an HBC Mastercard for such situations and I transfer HBC points to airmiles on the HBC website (2000 points = 1 airmils).


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