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Weeks Best Airmiles Deals – Till Feb 21st | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Weeks Best Airmiles Deals – Till Feb 21st

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Here are the weeks best air miles deals at Safeway.  Lots of good COUPON specials this week. To get these specials you'll need a flyer from Safeway which you can grab as you walk in the door.  Or from customer service!

Buy $100 worth of groceries and get 100 airmiles

Towels ($3.99) - Buy 2 get 30 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.27.

General Mills Cereal ($3.50) - Buy 4 get 30 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.47.

Kellogg's Raisin Brand ($3.00) - Buy 5 get 60 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.25.

Ragu Pasta Sauce ($2.33) - Buy 6 get 30 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.47.

Colgate Toothpaste ($1.67) - Buy 6 get 40 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.25.


Thanks for all the great tips.

I have a question. I clicked the link to the Valentine’s day cupcake page, and received a 10x bonus. It said that this applied only to “base airmiles only.” What does that mean? Will the airmiles I receive from specials like the Colgate and the White Swan paper towels be multiplied by 10?


Hi Barry,

Unfortunately it’s only on the BASE airmiles. SO if you spent $60 to get buy the colgate and paper towels and other stuff. You’d get 10 times the airmiles that you get for $60. In this case:

$60 = 3 airmiles (base)
= 30 airmiles.

That’s why collecting airmiles through the promotions (colgate and white swan) is SO powerful.

Good luck

Thanks very much. I know that’s a basic question, and I appreciate your time.

It also helps me put the “spend $100, get 100 airmiles” promo in perspective. If my math is right, it would be like a 20X coupon. Wow.

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