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Save Money On Gas At Safeway

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This isn't really a direct Airmiles deal, however, it is a good way to save a bit of money.

Safeway currently has a pretty neat gas saving deal on now. Spend $100 and you get 7 cents off your gas purchase. Even better the more you spend at Safeway food stores the more you'll save on your gas. Although, it's not explicitly stated I think you earn $0.035 off of your gas for every $100 you spend at Safeway. You can earn up to a Free Fill if you spent enough money!

At the $0.035 (and assuming $0.80 gas price) you'll have to spend approximately $2,200 to get a free tank of gas.

Now you can make this deal super sweet by earning this gas discount on gift cards too. So to really take advantage of this you could buy a bunch of gift cards to Home Depot, the Keg or others. You'll then get that gas discount.

Note: it does say restrictions apply see store for details so I'm assuming their is some sort of maximum you can actually accumulate in one purchase. (just a guess as I haven't checked the store yet)


hi did you see the airmiles tool bar?
what is it? should i download it?

This is great for me, since I shop at safeway anyway, but the closest Safeway gas bar is quite some distance away.
When I finally did get to the gas bar, I saved 24.5 c/litre.
Very complicated arrangement at the pump though. You have to swipe your Safeway card and answer some questions, even if you’re not paying at the pump.

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