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Weeks Best Airmiles Deals – Till December 20th | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Weeks Best Airmiles Deals – Till December 20th

BE SURE TO CHECK THE DATE OF THE COUPON/POST - Old posts are NOT removed as they must remain in-order for you to find this site and the most recent deals.

Here are the weeks best airmiles deals. Also, be sure to sign-up for the safeway emails where you'll get a bonus 100 airmiles and get some other coupons to print off. In case you haven't signed up yet here is the weekly coupons from this week (PDF).

Green Giant Vegetables ($2.50) - Buy 5 get 50 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.25.

Duracell Batteries - Buy 2 get 75 airmiles. I'm not sure the exact price on these so I can't tell you the airmiles-to-dollar ratio. However, if you need batteries this is a good airmiles promotion!

Quaker Chewy Bars ($2.50) - Buy 5 get 50 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.25.

Kraft Salad Dressing ($3.00) - Buy 4 get 30 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.40.

Old South Orange Juice ($1.50) - Buy 4 get 30 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.20.

Michelina's Green Box Entrees ($1.67) - Buy 5 get 50 airmiles, airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.17.

Some REALLY great deals this week where you can get a LOT of airmiles. This is a great way to stock up and get to your 1000 airmiles to become a gold airmiles collector.


hello, i use to have my airmiles point posted on my profile the saturday following the one that is the end of the promotion periode. i bought quaker during the promo that ended on dec 6th, but today dec14 i sitll dont have the points,is it normal,should go and claim that as i reallyt that to be gold member?

Question about Gold membership. Do you get the year of Gold membership one year from when you achieved 1000 points, or for the next calendar year? It would suck to hit 1000 points in Jan 09 and not be able to use it until Jan 2010.

Hi Jen, it’s actually for the next year… So if you were to shop at 5 stores and get 1000 airmiles in June 08 you wouldn’t get the rewards till 2009 (Jan – Dec).

Hope that clears things up.

Hi Jules,

I’ve noticed that the points can take a while to get added to your account. Make sure you keep your receipts and you should be fine.

Also, you don’t HAVE to be gold but it’s nice as you can possibly save on some flights and merchandise

Keep an eye out on the Chewy bars, some of the boxes have codes for 25 Aeroplan points.

AND this is a perfect time to use up those Buy 1 Get 1 free coupons that came on the quaker boxes the last few months!

Eggo Waffles are included in the Frozen Food Festival and are 3/$6 making the airmiles-to-dollar ratio $0.16, if I have it right 🙂

Can you tell me which sponsor credit airmiles faster? i need my 5th one to have Gold status, i bought wines at PALS 3 weeks ago and they havent credited me yet and i wannt to have a 2nd chance in case they dont give me as we have just 2 weeks left

Hi there,

Are you sure there’s a 100 bonus air miles coupon this week? I didn’t see it in the email coupons…is it an in-store coupon?

Thanks for your awesome posts!

Oops! Sorry…I think you meant you get 100 bonus air miles when you sign up for the email. 🙂 Now I’ve got it! hehe

Thanks again,

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