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Airmiles Tip – Don’t Pay For Airmiles!

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I was just on the airmiles.ca website and a airmiles tip popped up (Tip #11 or 12 I think).  Anyway, the "tip" basically said

When booking a trip with airmiles you can pay with cash AND airmiles.

The theory being you can travel sooner because you don't have to collect the rest of the airmiles.  Note that you can buy airmiles at a price of $0.30 (plus GST) per airmile.

Anyway, I thought, "That's not really a tip, here's a tip"

Instead of paying cash for airmiles to get enough airmiles for a trip just find a product that has a good airmiles-to-dollar ratio.   The past 2 weeks in the weeks best airmiles deals there have been plenty of $0.30 airmiles products.   This way you at least get something for the $0.30 per airmile AND you get a trip!   Don't need the product? Bring it to the food bank or leave it in the food bank bins.

Why pay cash for an airmile when you can collect at them at Safeway. Plus use your 1) Airmiles Credit Card and get even more miles!

Note: if you're using this method to be sure you plan ahead.  Airmiles aren't credited to your account immediately and can take up to 6-8 weeks.


Thanks for the real tip.
Agree that paying for air miles is a sucker deal.
I estimate the value of an air mile as 10 – 15 cents.
So why would you pay $.30 for air miles?

No problem rob. It’s also hard to estimate the ‘true’ value of an airmile because it really depends on what you buy with your points. I’m going to making a post about this soon. 🙂

why o why do i not get my shell credit card points transferred to my airmiles as was regestered when i first started useing my credit card so meny years. please note that i have asked this questen befor but as yet i have had on reply thanking you in anticipation for your help

yours truly an airmiles collector

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