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Limited Time Left to be a Gold Collector for 2009

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With only a month left in 2008 (crazy huh!) it's time to check your Gold Collector Status.

On the right side of your account history it'll tell you the number of airmiles collected this year and the number of sponsors visited. It'll also tell you which sponsors you've visited.

As you can see I've shopped at Rona, Sportchek, Visions and Safeway. Looks like I need to shop at Westjet, Boston Pizza or something else.

You can also check when click on the Gold Program link and get a pretty graph like the one below. However, it won't show you at which sponsors you've collected airmiles.

Why do you want to be a Gold Collector? Read my post on being a Gold Collector Here.


so i have to wait till 2009 to get discount on rewards?

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