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Safeway Promotions / Mix and Match

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I've had quite a few questions over the past little while about how airmiles work with specials and coupons. I'll try to explain them now.

Mix and Match promotions. These consist of mixing and matching between certain brands of products. For example I've shown the CloverLeaf mix-and-match promotion from this weeks best deals below. As you can see in the picture you can actually buy any of the products to get the 40 airmiles.
In the Weeks Best Airmiles Deals I usually list the lowest priced item in the best airmiles deals. It doesn't mean you have to get that product it's just for your reference.

Promotions: The other thing about these promotions is that you can buy as many of a product as you'd like. ie: You could buy 12 cans of CloverLeaf Smoked Oysters and get 80 airmiles (if you want). Sometimes a coupon will say one offer per visit and in these cases you can't do that but normal mix-and-match promotions usually have no limit.

10 Times Airmiles Promotions: These 10 times the airmiles promotions are ONLY on the base airmiles. We'd all like to buy 6 cans of smoked oysters and get 400 airmiles but it doesn't work that way. Sorry!

Airmiles Credit Cards: Yes, you can get double the airmiles when you use an airmiles credit card. You'll get the airmiles from your credit card AND the airmiles from Safeway. For example: You buy 12 cans of smoked oysters. You'll spend $24 and you would get 81 airmiles (Safeway) and whatever airmiles-ratio your credit card pays.

Note that the number of airmiles is dependent on your credit card.  I recommend either the No Fee American Express Free Credit Card or the American Express AIR MILES Platinum Credit Card.

Anymore questions? Send me an email or leave a comment!


Thanks so much for clarifying this information!

Thank you for clearing that one up for me. A few weeks ago it was a package of Purex bathroom tissue for $5.99, but if you got two I think it was 40 Airmiles, and at a price like that I thought I should buy 4 packages, but I wasn’t sure if I’d get 80 Airmiles.
Good to know for next time!

No problem Holly. I’m going to post it in the FAQ section as it will answer quite a few questions!

trying to get to your site for the 80 anniversary with gold airmiles for a cuisinart popcorn popper and this site is not up and running. very frustrating as it is advertised in the airmiles magazine. What gives?

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