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Safeway Bonus Airmiles Coupon

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Here is a coupon that I just got in my email.  It's a special offer for those who signed up for the surf & win contest (which is now closed).  Luckily, I'm posting the coupon here so that everyone can use it!   Yeah!  Combine this with The Weeks Best Airmiles Deal and you'll be flying in no time!

The coupon is located here. Print it and redeem it at Safeway!


Thanks for the coupon! I thought I signed up for EVERYTHING but never got that! I really appreciate it as a single mom, because airmiles are the only way I can afford for the kids and I to travel anywhere! I REALLY appreciate it!

Hi Colleen,

No problem! I hope this website (and the coupons on the site) help lots of people! Good luck with the kids and the travel!

Can this coupon be used on a number of visits?

Hi I am wondering how to sign into a Safeway Airmiles programme. Please help.

We are long time airmile collectors and go out of our way shop at Safeway for this reason. But we are finding that the worthwhile airmile deals are becoming more and more scarce, such as the 100, 150, 200 mile bonus coupons. A few years ago there were even bonuses of 600 miles for $300 spending, 400 for $200 etc. Why do we hardly ever see these any more?
Rod & Lynne Ellis

That’s a good question Mary and Rod. I think it’s because more and more people are realizing that’s the best way to collect airmiles fast and it’s starting to cost Safeway too much money.

I remember when airmiles first came out I thought WOW, 1 for every $20 that’s great. Then I started doing the math and figured I’d be flying when I was 50+. That’s when I started to make this site and collect WAY WAY faster.

If people keep letting us know when an Extreme airmiles promotion happens in their region we can all collect faster!

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