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Westjet Airmiles Bonus Offer Code | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Westjet Airmiles Bonus Offer Code

BE SURE TO CHECK THE DATE OF THE COUPON/POST - Old posts are NOT removed as they must remain in-order for you to find this site and the most recent deals.

Thanks to Chris who sent me an email about this deal.

Now through October 12th, 2008 you can collect double airmiles reward miles on Westjet. Simply enter coupon offer code WS737Y9U. I'm also unsure of when the your travel must be completed but I'd assume it'd be around the end of October (just a guess). You need to enter this code when you're entering your airmiles collector number on the payment page.

This has been confirmed and works works! Thanks to everyone who has used the code and let others know it works!


i think it worked.
i used it, and the first few codes i tried had expired and were rejected, but they accepted this one, so i am assuming it worked. i will have to check my airmiles card later.
thanks sooo much!

Ditto….tried it & was accepted – thanks!

Great news everyone!! Thanks for letting me know!

It worked for me as well – Thanks!

I just booked a flight and Westjet accepted the code. So I’d say it’s a go!
Thank you.

When I have tried in the past it seemed to reject the code before letting me onto the next page. This time it seems to have worked like a charm. I suppose we will need to wait and find out for sure.

Thanks everyone for the comments. Looks like the codes working! Make sure to use it before October 12th!

Sadly the code is not working for me today. I get an popup alert saying the code is not valid.

Thanks.. worked for me today (Sep 16)

Still works for a domestic flight in late December.

It worked for an end of October flight. Thanks!

It worked today, Oct. 2nd for a flight in November. Thanks!

Code still works.
Got the bonus on my airmiles accout for an earlier flight with this code too.

Thanks for code! I booked today (Oct 5th)for a flight first week of November & coupon code still works. I did a phone-check with Westjet Sales Super Centre & got confirmation that coupon code was good /double airmiles would be creditted.

The code was accepted for flights in December. Will have to check my airmiles card later.


code just accepted for flights on Jan. 1 2009
also was accepted on flights on Dec. 15 2008

Awesome code !

Attempted to use today on Oct 15 but not accepted (invalid, due to expiry)

does anyone have a new code? need one

Hi Sylvia,

The new code is here. Valid until Saturday, November 15th!


Any new code recently for Westjet??? 🙁

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