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Which is the best Free Credit Card?

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The other question that I often get is which is the best free airmiles credit card? So, I thought I'd go through the free credit card options and tell which I think is the best card.

Mosaik Bronze Mastercard - FREE

American Express Canada - Air Miles
American Express Free Credit Card

I highly recommend the American Express Airmiles Credit card because of the lower dollar amount for the airmiles. The only real drawback of this card is that American express credit cards aren't accepted at as many places as the Mastercard. Either way, you have to be sure that you have an airmiles credit card of some sort to start Earning Air Miles®* reward miles today.


I don’t understand why you wish to save on the subscription fee and pay on your purchases?!

If an Amex card charges you $0, but gives you arimiles at $40/airmile

and You pay subscription of US$95 per get airmiles at $1/airmile

Which would be better?

I really do not understand your L O G I C.

It looks to me like penny wise pound foolish.

You can’t actually get a card where you pay $95 and get $1 per airmile. That would be terrific… but isn’t possible. Sorry.

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