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Safeway Pharmacy Airmiles Change

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If you haven't found out yet Safeway has changed their Airmiles Pharmacy promotion. The promotion used to be 10 times airmiles and this used to happen about every two weeks. They've now changed it to 7 times airmiles at ALL times. At first glance this looks like a bad change, however, the advantage is no more COUPONS!

This is a significant change especially to those casual collectors. The casual airmiles collector would simply get their perscription filled at anytime and without a coupon. Now that same collector will get 7 times the airmiles with that refill. However, this does limit the person who fills their perscriptions on a specific date with the coupon.

I guess Safeway is considering that they'll have many casual collectors happy and willing to fill prescriptions.

What are your thoughts on the new change?


A pharmacist friend of mine explained that this is actually because of a new law that is going to be passed, where pharmacies are not allowed to have “promotions” on prescription medication. So by having 7x everyday, it’s not a promotion. Personally I prefer the 10x but I guess they really had no choice but to change!

M. Thanks for explaining this! Interesting thought that you can’t have promotions in a pharmacy.

It’s because people were waiting to fill their prescriptions until the 10x Air Miles days, sometimes neglecting the fact that they need the medications to control their condition, for the sake of getting more Air Miles. It’s a great move on Safeway’s part so that patients aren’t compromising their health for the sake of a rewards program.

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