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Airmiles Credit Card Question

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I recently received an email from a reader. He pointed out that I was suppose to do a follow up to the AMEX Platinum Airmiles Card article and that it's been over a month since I said I'd do a follow up. Anyway, he's looking for assistance on which airmiles card to apply for, here's his email.

I'm hoping to apply for one sometime next week. I'm debating between the AMEX Air Miles Platinum Card and the WestJet Gold BMO Mosaik Card.  I'm not sure if there is a VISA out there that should be considered as well.  Would you be able to help me with my selection?

Since I don't have the article ready quite yet ( I want it to be thorough ) I thought I'd post my response to his email.

If you travel lots in north america (on westjet) then the BMO Gold card is probably what you're looking for. It only costs 1600 airmiles to fly anywhere in north america (that westjet flies) at any time. Compare that to actually booking an airmiles flight to the same location and you could be looking at up to 5 times the airmiles. So, if you want to use the card for flights (in continental NA to locations that westjet flies) then consider that card.

I'm not as familiar with the AMEX platinum card... However, I do know that you will end up collecting airmiles a little bit faster ($10/airmile at airmile sponsors) ... and the fee is less. So those are worth taking into consideration as well. Apply for the American Express® AIR MILES®* Platinum Credit Card
Good luck. Airmiles Sleuth!

I do plan to get to the article sometime soon (next 2 weeks) so check back at that time. Or sign-up for my RSS feed to keep better track of my articles!


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The 1600 airmile cost appears to be changing.


Hey RW thanks for the update. I have a post in the queue that should be out Tuesday about this new change. Then later in the week I’ll discuss the different credit card options.

I am afraid there may be bad news about the GoldMoasic MasterCard. Suddenly, their promotional offers do not say “1600 Air Miles maximum to anywhere Westjet flies in the contiguous US states and Canada.” Now all the promotions I can find say that cardholders get only 20% off normal rates.
I was looking forward to getting that card, but this would mean a lot of flights have well more than doubled in cost in Air Miles. If that is the case, I would have little use for that card anymore.
Do you know anything about this and whether BMO still offers the original deal?

Oh, sorry I had not read the post above mine. I will check back here on Tuesday.

GV, Sorry the post is still being worked on that’s why I can’t post it yet.

Also, that ‘old’ card has been changed so it doesn’t exist anymore and you can’t sign-up for it, sorry.

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