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5 Cool ways to spend Airmiles Rewards!

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This weekend I was browsing through the selection of possible items to buy on airmiles.ca.  As I was looking around I noticed that they have some really cool things to spend airmiles on.   Be warned that these items may not be your 'best bang for a buck' (or an airmile) in this case.  However, I do think that they're pretty cool!

5) Priviledge Play Silver Golf Membership - For 200 airmiles, you can save on regular prices of golf green fees.  This is available at over 150 golf courses.

4) Travel America Spa Gift Certificate - For 650 airmiles you can get a two of the following entry level treatments: Manicure, Pedicure or/and haircut.  Over 170 locations nationally!

3) Toronto Raptors Ticket - For 375 airmiles you can get a ticket to the lower bowl, endzone tickets.  You can see the Toronto Raptors in game.  Don't forget your Toronto Raptors Jersey when you go to the game.

2) Ice Hotel Guided Tour and Cocktail - For only 120 airmiles you get a guided tour of the world famous Canadian Ice Hotel.  You can visit the guest rooms, lounge, art galleries, etc.  Sounds pretty neat! Find the best hotel deal

1) Hot Air Ballon Ride - This is with the Sundance Balloons and is a Scenic Champagne Hot Air Ballon Ride.  It costs 1,000 airmiles per person.   Apparently it's a romantic, relaxing way to enjoy the day.  I've heard that these hot air balloons are super quiet and relaxing when you're in them.    Talk about actual "airmiles".

Flights are available all year round and you must book at least two weeks in advance.  More information please visit the sundance balloons website.

 To find more great airmiles deals simply login to your airmiles.ca account.  Then click on Rewards.  Remember, if none of these what you desired you can always book a flight through Westjet.


Why do you make it so difficult to access a site where there
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Leon, This is a personal blog and not the actual airmiles site. good luck,

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