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5 tips to Collect Air miles Faster

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Here are 5 tips to ensure that you're collecting air miles faster

1. Get an airmiles Credit Card.

There are at least 5 different airmiles credit cards that you can consider.

2. Show at Safeway during promotions

Each week I list the Weeks Best Airmiles deals. These weekly articles can help you collect lots of airmiles cheap! Most deals are usually less then 40 cents an airmile! What do you normally pay for an airmile? $20. Check back weekly or sign-up for my RSS feed.

3. Fly with WestJet

Many of todays flights are around the same price with all the different airline companies. Fly westjet and collect some airmiles. Be sure to look for an Airmiles Bonus Offer Code before booking as you might be able to get double or triple the airmiles. You can see the most current Westjet Bonus Offer Code here (Till March 31, 2008).

4. Buy Gas at Shell

Shell gas is a simple way to collect airmiles as the price difference is about the same for most major brands. Just stop at your local Shell and collect 1 airmile for every $20 spent. Make sure to look for a double or triple airmiles coupon before you pump.

5. Just use your card

Wherever you shop make sure you use your airmiles and credit card. Airmiles sponsors are popping up everywhere and you can collect lots of miles by collecting at stores you probably already shop. Like Sportchek, Rona, Totem or even your local Cold Beer and Wine store.


is it better to use my Lloyds Airmiles duo card for collecting Airmiles or my Tesco clubcard credit card and convert vouchers to airmiles?

Many thanks.

A super fast way to earn miles for me is booking hotel nights through rocket miles. At least 1000 miles per night up to 5000 miles per night, most are 2000-3000 per night. I book hotels not only for myself but anyone I know that is planning on staying in a hotel in the future. Rates are competitive with any other online booking site, usually a few bucks more a night but it is well worth the large quantity of miles. Check it out, I think you get free miles just for signing up, and I rarely get emails from them, if I do it’s usually worth looking at.


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