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Never Miss an Airmiles Bonus Deal

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Thanks to Donna for this great tip!

At my local Safeway, when they are sold out of a product that I want Airmiles for, I just jot down the code # and take it to the teller. They will punch it in manually for you and write a note on the receipt that I've paid but not received product.

The next time I'm at Safeway I grab my items and show the teller the receipt and off I go. It sure is great not to miss out on bonus airmiles deals this way.

Again, thanks for the great tip Donna. So now we know we'll never have to miss another great airmiles sale again!


I tried what Donna did on the Nabob coffee this weekend and at our customer service they said I wouldn’t get the airmiles because it was after the date when they would have stock in the store. Anybody any ideas ?

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