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Are you a Gold Airmiles Collector?

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I've discussed the benefits of becoming a Gold Airmiles collector all of last year. Now that the new year is upon us we are now able to check the results.

Are you a gold airmiles collector?

All you had to do was shop at 5 different air miles stores and collect over 1000 airmiles.

To check if you're a gold collector you simply have to login in to your account. Click on the Gold Program link. This will bring up your Gold Qualification Tracker.

If you didn't achieve Gold this year then try to get there next year. It's actually quite easy if you follow this website and then shop at 5 different airmiles stores (eg: Safeway, Shell, Westjet, Fountain Tire, Boston Pizza, Century 21, Rona, Totem, etc...).

Why do I want to become a gold member?

Travel discounts and merchandise specials when redeeming your airmiles. For full details read my airmiles gold collector post.

So did you end up being a gold collector? 


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