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Airmiles Randomness

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Have you read that Canadians will face a cold winter. Apparently as cold as the 1994 winter, which was COLD. So this year I think you'll hear of more and more people that will be taking a Last Minute Packages to Las Vegas or a Last Minute Cruise. Moral of the story. Continue checking this website to find out the fastest way to collect airmiles and then get a 'free' flight with Westjet to where you're hoping to go! If you're planning to go somewhere think about finding the best hotel deals. I just got back from a trip to Europe and used Hotels.com as they had the best prices and had absolutely no problems. I'm quite happy with their service!So this weekend (or was it last weekend?) is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The busiest days of the holiday shopping season! I'm a big fan of shopping online as you can probably tell from this website. So I thought I'd help everyone out and post some of the places I like to do my shopping online.

Finally, I just found this cool indoor garden website where you can grow indoor vegetables and herbs right on your kitchen counter. Or window Sill or wherever. Apparently, no dirt is required and it has a 36 day money back guarantee! I'm thinking that this might make a neat gift for someone!

Aerogarden Free Trial


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