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Cheap Scrubs | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Cheap Scrubs

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This is a paid review for CheapScrubset.com

Cheap Scrub Set is a online site to buy your scrubs. What are scrubs you ask? You know that TV show "Scrubs"? Remember how the show is based in a hospital? Well, the uniforms that they're wearing are called Scrubs. I'm not exactly sure why they call them Scrubs.... So I used good old Wikipedia which came up with

Scrubs are the shirts and trousers or gowns worn by surgeons, nurses, and other operating room personnel when "scrubbing in" for surgery. The wearing of scrubs has been extended outside of surgery in many hospitals. Scrubs are now worn by any hospital personnel in any clean environment. The spread of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus has increased the necessity and usage of scrubs.

Anyway, if you don't know what Scrubs are then this site might not be of much use to you. However, I do have friends who like to wear scrubs as Pajama's or just around the house as they're 'scrubs' ... pun intended.

Onto the important information... What do these Scrubs look like? Well, I've shown two possible types below.


The scrubs cheap site sells these scrubs for as low as $9.99. Wow. That's a pretty good price. What about colors? Well, they have over 21 different color options or different patterns (if that floats your boat). So, if you're in the market for Scrubs and looking to get them for fairly cheap then Cheap Scrub Sets might be worth looking at.


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