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Find your crib

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This is a paid Review for City Cribs.

Are you looking for a home in the US? If you are then you should consider using www.citycribs.com. It's a easy and fast way to do searches for your next house.

If you do a search you'll quickly find that there are TONS of different cities to search through. Looking at Honolulu, for example, brings up 118 different listings. The claim is that they have over 350 different cities with thousands of apartments and homes. It's quite easy to see that these claims are definitely not an over exaggeration.

I have two things that I'd recommend changing or adding if I was citycribs. First, the 'catch phrase' that City Cribs is using is Find Your Way Home. However, you'd think that they'd use something a little catchier. I was thinking "Find your next Crib." I guess "find your way home" is catchy, however, most Real Estate companies use something of that nature already. Second, would be to enable more generic searching such as search per state. This wouldn't be super useful to everyone, however, it might help vacation home buyers in their search.


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