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Car Rental – Airmiles or Cash?

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As most of you know I've been trying to book a car rental for around Christmas time. Remember one of the most important things to do when booking with your airmiles is to book early!

So, I've been shopping around for a week car rental. Turns out that using your airmiles for the car rental works out to 270 airmiles per day (minimum). For 7 days that works out to 1890 airmiles.

However, when shopping around at various online sites you can see that the prices for car rentals vary quite a bit and you can actually usually find a MUCH better deal. (Remember that you can always use your airmiles for gift certificates.)

To help everyone out in there car rental searches here is where I was searching for car rentals. If you have a better place to find a car rental let me know or leave a comment.

Hopefully those four places can help you find a cheaper car rental when searching with your airmiles.


How do I go about finding out how many air miles (in Canadian funds) I use when I know the location and date of the car rental

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