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Safeway 10 times airmiles at Pharmacy

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This Thursday, Octuber 25th, you can collect 10 times the airmiles at the Safeway Pharamacy.

This is great time to fill your prescriptions if you need to stock up.  Remember, you need a minimum $35 purchase and only one coupon per purchase.


Why has the “RX” dropped from 10times to 7 times bonus air miles at SAFEWAY? i am and have been a GOLD MEMBER FOR 10 YRS. NOW. I spend at least $40,000/yr. You can check it out. JUST WANT 2 KNOW WHY THE CHANGE? That amounts to quite a bit of air miles, and I am always redeeming them per month! THX for your time.

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Hi Wayne,

I have no affiliation with Safeway and therefore can’t tell you why they changed from 10 times to 7 times. I do know that that’s bad for people who want to get more airmiles. I’d consider send Safeway an email / letter with your question. If they get back to you please report back here.


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