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Solar Decathlon

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I'm sure you've all heard of the Solar Car Challenge? You know the challenge where University Students make a Solar Car and have to Travel from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time? Normally the cars are these crazy solar panel covered winged machine that you couldn't actually drive anywhere but on the race.

Well, a new challenge has started. It's called the BP Solar Decathlon. The Challenge. To build a house completely livable, usable, energy-efficient and solar powered house. How's that for a challenge? 20 Universities from around the world have designed these solar powered houses. The event culminates in a week-long competition on the National Mall in Washington, DC and occurs from October 11–19. As part of the event the sponsor, BP, has created a website where all the teams can blog about their experiences.

Here's an exert from the MIT team that is participating in BP Solar Decathlon.

The MIT solar home will demonstrate the attractiveness and afford-ability of a solar home to the average consumer, while empowering each citizen to positively impact our energy society by providing non-intrusive but pervasive means to monitor energy usage within the home and its related environment.

This is a really neat idea and could really make some sort of head way into the world. Solar powered houses are already readily available, however, the initial cost is usually too high for the average consumer. However, this sort of event should shed some light (pun-intended) into the efficacy of solar powered houses.


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