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Have you picked your Halloween Costume?

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Well, because it's Saturday I'm doing another 'random post'. As you recall in my last random posts about Europe, Hockey and cellphones or about how I bought a Garmin Edge 205 from ebay I basically just talk about whatever I feel like.

Anyway, because it's October 13th and we only have 18 days till Halloween I thought I'd do a little Halloween thing. First things first.

Do you have a pumpkin? Probably not. Are you interested in picking your own pumpkin? Then take a look at this site. It's a site that tells you about all the places near you that you can pick fruit / veggies. Neat little resource!

Second have you picked you Halloween costume yet? Need some ideas or want to buy something 'pre made.' Check out these sites

I'm a big fan of the following costumes...

Pizza Adult Unisex - Pizza Adult Unisex Pizza Adult Unisex - Pizza Adult Unisex"Mama Mia! Pizza, Adult Halloween Costume. This is one size fits most, Standard size Costume. Includes: Pizza Bodysuit. Shirt and pants not included."

It's More Fun in Costume

Good Medicine Sexy Nurse Adult - Standard


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