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Random Post #5

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Let's hope this random post works better then the last one, which didn't work while I was on vacation...  Go figure.

Back from the trip to Toronto playing at Canadian Ultimate Nationals.  We came in 9th place. A bit disappointing but overall we played well but didn't win the games we needed to.  Next year should be MUCH different.

Interesting note that Westjet now requires you to pay $5 to watch a movie on the plane (if the flight is over 2 hrs).  I think it's a great idea for this if the movies are worth watching I don't mind paying $5 to kill the time.

Finally, I'm in the process of creating a new blog about cooking. I haven't settled on a URL or name for the blog yet.  I'm thinking something along the lines of fastcheapfood.com, easyfastmeals.com, cheapeasymeals.com, etc....     The blog will cover how to cook meals fast that are simple to make.    Something similar to that Rachel Ray show 30 minute meals.    Catch phrase ...  Fast Simple Meals.

That's all that I'm talking about this week.


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