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Download Westjet Get Set

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Have you seen the new windows application from Westjet?

It's called "Get Set" and basically it alerts you when there is a promotion going on or when a seat sale occurs. You'll apparently find out first because it updates quickly.

From the Westjet website

"Get Set is an application that runs directly on your PC or MAC desktop delivering the best flights, vacation packages and special offers right to your computer. It’s all at the click of a button."

When I downloaded it I was able to set a couple of parameters for it to warn me about. I set the location and price I was looking to spend. Then if that flight with that price was to occur it'd let me know.

The GET SET sits on your windows taskbar (that little bar at the bottom of your screen) in the icons area (where your other alerts like sound, virus software, etc are sitting). Then if something important occurs it'll pop up at you.

Simply click on the picture below then click on JETMAIL/GET SET on the left tool bar of the westjet screen. Sign up for the email newsletter (more deals) and download GET SET.

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want to travel somewhere that’s hot. Jet skiing. fishing.
diving and nice hotels friendly people.around christmas
with air miles. please reply thanks.

I am trying to load the WestJet apps on my Mac computer and am having a terrible time trying to do it. Can you offer me some help in this area.

Appreciate it.

Anne Kaiser
WestJet ID 115103623

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