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Random Post #2

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I think I might make Saturdays a 'random post' day. Meaning I'll post about anything I really feel like. It probably won't be about airmiles but it should be interesting. You can read my first random post here.

First off, Rita from the Toronto Star left a message on my Airmiles Debit Card Warning post. She is looking to interview people in the Toronto are who are dissatisfied with their current banks and looking to switch. If you are interested, please contact her at "rtrichur AT thestar DOT ca"

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Save 46% at chapters.indigo.ca is out TODAY. Yes, TODAY. The last book of the series. Book stores all over the place are going craaaazy today. Fun stuff for the kids and us big kids.

If you're in Calgary this weekend think about going to the Salsa Festival in Kensington. You buy tortilla chips where the proceeds go to charity. Then you go around and sample the different Salsa's from all the different shops in the area. Great fun. Good salsa.

Finally, Make your friends think you funny with a Busted Tee! Busted Tees has all kinds of REALLY funny t-shirts. So check them out if your looking for a good shirt or two.

That's all that's random this week. More next week.


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