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BMO Debit Card Warning!

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I received an email recently from one of the readers of the website that currently books with BMO. This email was in response to my Airmiles Debit Card with BMO announcement.

I bank at BMO and I found out there is a catch with the debit airmiles.

1. They use to give you airmiles for every pre-authorized payment, direct deposit as well as for having a certain amount of money in your account. They do not mention that the new debit airmiles program is in lieu of the old program, not in conjunction with it.

2. If you have a discounted service plan then you're not even eligibile for the debit airmiles program, so basically you lose out on both ends of the deal as you can no longer collect airmiles with the old program nor can you collect airmiles with the new program.

Many BMO clients are not aware of this but should be (I just got a call last night from a BMO rep to advise of the changes).

Thanks to the reader for informing us of this information. It's VERY important to share your stories like this to help other people learn from your (our) mistakes. This is the whole reason I started this site. To share all airmiles information I've gathered. So if you have any other information, comments or questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.


My name is Rita Trichur. I am a journalist with the Toronto Star. I am looking to interview people in the Toronto are who are dissatisfied with their current banks and looking to switch. If you are interested, please contact me at rtrichur@thestar.ca

Hi Rita, Thanks for the offer. I’m not located in Toronto and probably won’t switch banks anytime soon.

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