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Get rid of those Spice Girls Cd’s with SwapShop | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Get rid of those Spice Girls Cd’s with SwapShop

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This is a paid review for SWAPSHOP.co.uk

Tired of having those Spice Girls or Kylie Minogue in your CD collection? Then think about swaping them with someone else using SWAPSHOP.co.uk.

So what is this SWAPSHOP all about? From their website

A uk based swapping and exchange site that allows people to swap items for free rather than having any swapping charges.

So basically it's a place to get rid of your old unwanted electronics and books. This seems very similar to Switchplanet.com which I wrote a review about and you can read here. The main difference is being located in the UK (which also has airmiles reward miles as a side note). Apparently there is over 1000 DVDs, Video Games, Music Cds and Books already listed on the SwapShop site and 100s more are listed every day. So you might be able to find something you're interested in.

One question I usually have when I see a site like this is what's the process I have to go to actually start swapping? Well, SWAPSHOP has done a great job summarizing this right on the front page of the website (I likey!). I've Copied and pasted this little graph because I think it's the perfect image that any website that is introducing a new (or even old) concept should have. Look how easy it is to follow.

Register as a member
Click for more info

List your items
Click for more info

Wait for a member to request an item from you
Click for more info
Post your item to the member and earn points
Click for more info
Spend your points on the items you want
Click for more info

So there you have it. You now have points in your account and you can go spend them. Now what can I actually spend them on? or should I say The real reason people will go to this site (ie: getting stuff). Well, you'll be able to get DVD's, Games, CD's and Books. Under each category you'll be able to find TONS of different items with a wide selection.

With these sites I've found that the best way to actually find stuff you're looking for is looking for something old that you use to like. For example. The movie Ghostbusters or Ferris Buellers day off can be found at Swapshop HERE and HERE for 8points and 3 points respectively.

The other thing that SWAPSHOP offers is buying Swap points at a rate of £1 each and then you can request the items straight away.

So if you're looking to ditch the old Bon Jovi Cd's (send them to me) and you're in the UK think about swapping them with someone, getting some points and purchasing something else you're looking for.


I have been using http://www.swaphop.co.uk for a while now and have to say it is ace. I have swapped several items on there and have found the response time from both people I am requesting from and people who are requesting off of me to be excellent. If you live in the UK I recommend that you check it out on the link above!

Hi Paul,

Thanks for letting us know.

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