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Great Sporting Gear and Apparel | Best Air Miles Deals - Collect Airmiles Faster, Redeem Sooner and Learn About Air Miles Credit Cards
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Great Sporting Gear and Apparel

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I accepted this review as handsomebear wanted an actual "review" done of the overall site. This means site content, ease of use, etc... I enjoy sports and electronics and have purchased these products online before and have an idea what I'm looking for. So, hopefully this paid review is helpful for my readers and handsomebear.

Handsomebear is an online website offering Sporting Goods & Electronics. A bit of a weird combination of items. However, the "electronics" are all sporting good related items like Garmin and ACR.

The layout itself of the site is ok. I don't think the "Handsome Bear" lettering JUMP's OUT OF THE PAGE enough. I'd also set if up so that when you click on a link at the top (backpacks, electronics, golf, etc..) that this then shows the specific brands that are being promoted. If you'd still like to list all the brands then i'd have the full list on the right sidebar (which might need to be created)


I also noticed in the top right that there is free UPS for items over $79. I'd probably write free shipping rather then UPS as that's what most sites advertise. It'd also be worth having that little information in a more apparent place. Near the middle of the page when you first come to the site.

The 'FUN' section at the top left is fun as you can play games that were created with shockware. They're fun and all but maybe not necessary. Although, it may help people to site. I'd probably move the link to the 'fun' section elsewhere on the site and use that important space for something of much greater importance (like clearance products?!?).

I'd also recommend that the site seriously considers starting a sporting goods blog. People tend to check blogs on a daily basis and it would be a great way to interact with your customers. You could then integrate some of the "fun" items into your blog once and a while. The blog could range from the daily operations at handsomebear to actual product reviews.

All in all it's a good site with some room for improvement. This is a fairly competitive market so carving a niche in the market will be important for handsomebear's success.


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