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Airmiles Flight Specials

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Right now at Airmiles.ca you can save on flights to certain locations. The flight locations are pretty limited but you can save anywhere from 10% off a regular flight. If you're a Gold Airmiles Collector then you'll save 20% off of the flights. Just one more reason to be a Gold Air Miles Collector.

Here the following flights that you can save airmile on.  I've highlighted the number of airmiles it'll cost for each flight.

British Columbia







Also recall that if you had a Mosaik Airmiles Credit Card then you'd be only spending between 800 - 1600 for the same flights.


Looking for a flight for two from Edmonton on Aug 21 to Hamilton Ontario. Would return on Aug 28, 2008. Thank You Garth

Garth. We don’t actually book flights or have any affiliation with the airmiles program.

I recommend you either Call Airmiles (1-800-Airmiles) or go to their website and check the number of points. Or finally just book a flight through Westjet!

How do I find out how many airmiles I have…..I use my card at Safeway all the time and haven’t used any points yet….Thanks

Your web sites are hard to use ,I have tried – without success to find out just how many miles I have,the dumb contest keeps blocking the go button.and then there’s the flights listings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ken. This is actually an airmiles blog and not the airmiles website. You just need to visit airmiles.ca with your card number and PIN number and you should be able to check your airmiles balance.

Good luck!

I tried calling 1-800-airmiles, I was ask my year of birth and was cut of. I would like to know if there is an Airmiles Office in Edmonton so I can submit verification of my identity . I really do not know my PIN number. Please help me
Muriel Seal

I am looking for air to HNL FOR 4 ON March 11 2011- March 25. Flying out of Toronto. Pearson.

How do I find out how many Airmiles I need to fly from Canada to another country without any specific dates?

How many airmiles do I need to go to Florida Dec 15,2011 and return Jan 3,2012 please send e-mail.

Hi, I would like to know please how many miles do I kneed to go to a Caribbean cruise in the month of January 15 +or- from Porto Rico or Florida? Or if I can get a combined cheep cruise and flight with my air miles for a week? Thank you.

To find out about the cruise you need to look online at Airmiles.ca or call them directly at 1-888-airmiles. Be sure to have speaker phone as it can take a little while to get through!

From the internet I gather one way by air from Hamilton, Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta is 2,699 km. but don’t know if the same figure applies on the return flight. I assume the plane would follow the same flight plan but, to be sure, I’d appreciate it if you could give me the total number of kms involved in a return flight.



Hi Barbara,

The number of air miles for a destination is actually the return trip too. Beware though that just because it’s 2,700 km doesn’t mean it’ll be 2,700 air miles it doesn’t work that way unfortunately. In your case it’ll be between 2500 (low season) to 3300 (high season). Hope that helps.

Good luck and happy travels!

Looking for flight from winnipeg to ottawa end of may

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