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Make Money Online With Zac Johnson

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Zac Johnson - Super Affiliate! This is a paid review.

ZacJohnson.com is a personal blog of guess who? Zac Johnson. Zac is teaching everyone about affiliate marketing, with a twist. The super hero twist. You can see from the caricature of Zac and the pictures of him in a spiderman costume that he's really just a big kid. A big kid who knows affiliate marketing.


Zac's blog is still fairly new with the first post about a month after the first post on this blog. But during those short three months he's accumulated 221 RSS subscriptions! That's an amazing number in a short period of time. I was very shocked when I checked his Pagerank and it was at 0. I'm sure at the next update he'll be around a 4 or 5. Although, this is a fairly new blog I found that Zac has a TON of information. And with all of his internet affiliate experience he has a TON of more information to provide.

How did Zac get 221 RSS subscriptions in 3 months? Aggressive marketing. It's interesting because I just read an article (I can't remember where and I can't find the article right now) about how marketing your blog isn't worth it and content is the key. Although, I'm sure that Zac would agree that content is the key he would probably debate marketing is also worth it. He's spent over $1500 on site reviews and now has a fairly large reader base in a short period of time. In addition, he has a 'Top Commentators' weekly contest where the person with the most comments wins $25!

I'm also very curious as to how Zac monitize his site. Right now he hasn't placed any adsense ads or other contextual ads on his page. Although, I did notice he is generating income through affiliate sign-ups but it seems like he could be generating some income from other sources as well. I'm sure he has a master plan as he is a seasoned veteran of the Internet money making game.

The one recommendation that I'd have for Zac is to create a category on the top toolbar called 'Top Posts' or something of that nature. I've seen this on many blogs and personally I find this very useful. Some posts that I'd consider his top posts include

Make Money with Affiliate Fuel
ReviewMe vs. PayPerPost
To Sell or Not to Sell…
Is AuctionAds Making Big Money?

If you are trying to make money online let Zac Johnson teach you to how to Make Money with Super Affiliate Zac Johnson


Thanks for the review! Shows you took a lot of time to look over the site. I appreciate it!

Thanks Zac. I enjoy the content of your site so it was an informative review for me.

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